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Akhilesh Semwal,
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This is Akhilesh Semwal, an enthusiast with an ambition of promoting better life. I started writing blogs and articles during lockdown as a thought of encourage people in tough times and ahead. Our mission is to provide reader’s friendly articles and blogs which helps them to grow. This website deals with the topics such as happiness, emotional intelligence, creativity, leadership etc. People who like to read self-help articles and blogs are kept in mind while creating the content. We aim to provide the best material for our readers.

Akhilesh Semwal

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How do you manage your finances?

Everyone should know how to manage their finances. It is not only the ones with high-paying jobs , it is anyone with a vision. 

Money management is all it takes to reduce your expenses, improve your investments and savings. 

Achieving your financial goals is no big deal. 


You deserve a BETTER YOU.

People complain about everything. It is obvious to complain about the unfavorable but some people have a tendency to do the same with suitable things as well. We curse the government, schools, neighbors, country and even our parents. 

One thing we never complain about is ourselves. Quite obviously we are right, if not all the time then majority of the time. You deserve a better you is not a phase, it is an insight. It is a message to work on yourself rather cribbing about others. 

You must have heard “You deserve better”. This is an overrated statement. The only better you deserve is yourself. Better people have better things. 


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Chemical hormones


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